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Frat brothers rape 300% more. One in 5 women is sexually assaulted on campus. Should we ban frats?



maybe I’m just ignorant, but fraternities have always just seemed like a breeding ground for subhuman scumlords to me

any group of people that involves twisted forms of initiation should be actively looked down upon. frats and serorities are pretty much really low key forms of secret societies. which are breeding grounds for trouble. college is so fucked up.

Slumlords. Dang.

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This x-ray shows the case of an unfortunate woman who happened to have a snake crawl into her vagina, slither through the fallopian tube, and out oast the ovary into her body cavity. It survived unknown for three days until the snake started eating her appendix.

my anaconda dont

Can i just say—hoW DO YOU NOT NOTICE THAT??

probably thought it was just cramps

Congrats- women can say that period cramps are worse than a snake eating their appendix.

until. the key word is until. until it started eating her appendix. that’s when she noticed.

The key word might be probably. As in she probably thought it was cramps.
As in we don’t know.

this is the most horrifying thing I have ever heard 

When where and how does a snake enter ones vagina?!?!

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